Through the eyes of a madman...

 Through the eyes of a madman, a creek willows. Through the eyes of a madman, lives reek in blood.

Paul was an oridinary man, but hated his job. One day he was fired from his job From killing someone with with his blacksmith hammer. He was taken to jail. But one day he dissapeared. In the path of many dead police men. He killed his family. He killed his friends. He was never found again.

But one day people kept dissapearing For unknown reasons.

The madman was killed in a car accident on saturday.

Through the eyes of a madman, all people are enemys, ready to kill.

People still say they see the ghost killing people.

Look behind you as he might be there, Looking at your reflection in his nice, shiny hammer... Ready to kill again.

Through the Eyes of a Madman

I see unlit households sheltering the weak

The homes of those who bring the pleasure I seek

They are too blind to see what's coming

They are trapped in slumber, keeping them from running

Through the Eyes of a Madman

I see the sleeping bodies of those who will become my toys

The objects that bring about thrills of torture and destroying

I watch as they lay limp, tossing and turning in their beds

They go along in their dream worlds, unaware of what's ahead

Through the eyes of a Madman

I see my play-things slowly slip back into the real world

As the answer to their questioned salvation unfurls

I watch excitedly as their as their eyes sluggishly open

Thinking about all about all the fun we'll have for which I'm hoping

Through the Eyes of a Madman

I see tears of denial streaming down their faces

As they ask why death had come here, of all places

I assure them that death hasn't arrived yet

Once we have had our fun, we'll be all set

Through the Eyes of a Madman

I see you, yes you, my toy, shaking in your chair

You're darting your head around, wondering if I'm really there

I'll be in your bedroom soon, so I can confirm your fears

I can't wait to play with you, I'm growing ever so near...