One day i was on ebay and i found a dvd. i knew my little sister would like Zoom. so i ordered it. When it arived, the case looked child made, and very crude. i noticed the dvd was scratched, but i played it anyways. first, a Boy was playing in a Playground, second, blood was on the Slide. Homer Simpson shot a Gun. the ZOOMers hanging from Nooses, with blood in their paths.I was frightened. then, the Screen was Black and White. i tried to turn of the tv, but it

The Playground

ZOOM Lost Episode

wouldn't budge. i even UNPLUGED the tv, but the episode was still playing. Then, a very unpleasent image popped up from the screen for a split-second, than the episode was finally over. i took some pics of the episode to show you, but it is very scary!

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Boy cryin in the Playground

Boy Crying

Homer Gun