The Sign.

"That... That sign... That damn sign!"

"It's insane... How could someone create something so insane!"

A boy once ended up in a forest. He did not know why he was there or how he ended up there. His home was very close to it, but he's never been in this part. He was next to a stone temple, with odd signs on it. He decided to call them, "clerics". He left soon after investigating the signs. Immediately after he stepped out of the grounds of the temple, he found himself at home. A familiar voice shouted "Supper time!". After he ate, he went to bed. He had a strange nightmare. He found himself again, at the temple grounds. But something was off about where he was. He tried to walk into the forest, but this time there appeared to be an invisible wall. He decided to go in the temple. The signs were still there. But every time he would walk to them he would suddenly get a burst of fear surging through him. He did not know why, but he started to develop... Fear of the signs? He walked into the temple. There was one room. And the signs he saw outside were also in the room.

The entire ground of the temple was that sign. There was a light at the end of the room. He walked towards it. He soon was almost drowned in sweat and fear. He was getting the same effect from the signs outside. But this was much more intense. A dark arm came out of the light and grabbed him. He woke up screaming, covered in sweat. It was morning. Things went on like this for weeks, months, and almost years. His parents were getting concerned of his mental state. They brought him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asked him to draw what he was fearing so. He drew the sign. They both were soon drowned with fear. The sign, it had the same effect on them as in his dreams! They were going insane. The signs fear "power" was even more intense than the light he saw. They soon went insane. The psychiatrist had killed the boy with a butter knife he had in the room. Police looked around the room. They saw the drawing. They ran out of the room and attempted to kill themselves. Though, one officer survived. Police officials questioned him. All he could say was "The sign...".

Finally, they got him to say something. "That sign... That goddamn sign! It's insane... How could someone create something so insane!?" He drew it on a piece of paper. Their fates were unknown.