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Buredoran of the Comet
Vrak is soo scary his powers are also scary

Look at him, He has several forms He looks to powerful

Powers and AbilityEdit

  • Vrak has the ability to make the monsters-of-the-day grow using specialty creatures called "Zombats".
  • Energy Blasts
  • Teleportation
  • Shape-shifting


Buredoran of the Comet

Vrak's Warstar Agent form

Vrak first appears to the Rangers as an agent of the Warstar aliens. This is the form he uses the most at first, especially when around Malkor and/or Creepox in the Warstar Spaceship. It is both tree hopper-themed and comet-themed. He is armed with a lance, and he can fire an energy blast with his hand.


Vrak's second form

Vrak's Earth Armor form is an evolved fighting form reminiscent of the toxic beasts. It is used to battles with the Mega Rangers on Earth, and also around the Toxic Beasts, because he's the intermediary between Malkor and the Beasts. It's Chupacabra-themed.


Cyborg Vrak

Cyborg Vrak is the result of Metal Alice's diabolical machinations. She rebuilds him in this form, after he is presumably destroyed in his Earth Armor form.


Nighlok Vrak

This form is deliberately modeled after Master Xandred, yet is unknown.


Vrak's final form

Vrak has another form but unknown