The scene from the episode.

Lost episode

The disturbing pic that was displayed.


A possible screencap from the episode.

250px-Max and ruby dvd


One day i was on ebay and i found a dvd. i knew my little sister would like max and ruby. so i ordered it. When it arived, the case looked child made, and very crude. i noticed the dvd was scratched, but i played it anyways. first, max and ruby were playing in a yard, second, blood was everywhere. ruby had HUGE black eyes like black holes and no nose, mouth or even hair. she was bloody and max was dead, with blood in his path.I was frightened. then, max rose up like a zombie,destroying all in his path. i tried to turn of the tv, but it wouldn't budge. i even UNPLUGED the tv, but the episode was still playing. Then, a very unpleasent image popped up from the screen for a split-second, than the episode was finally over. i took some pics of the episode to show you, but it is very scary!